Meet the authors

Michele Bousquet has been working in the field of computer animation since 1990, and has authored more than 25 books on computer graphics. She has taught at numerous institutions including Pratt University and several Art Institutes, and has won several awards for short-form animation. Michele has a degree in Computer Science from McGill University, which included a year of physics education. Michele is currently working on her Master’s Degree at Boston University.

A note from the author

Although my name (Michele Bousquet) is on the cover, Physics for Animators wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the amazing Alejandro Garcia. Alejandro, a physicist who also understands animation, is a frequent consultant at VFX studios such as Dreamworks. Along with teaching classes on Animation Physics at San Jose State University, Alejandro also has a website with free resources for animators who want to learn about physics to improve their work.

Alejandro and his classes are the focus of this great article by Science Nation, including a video about his efforts.

Post Author: Michele Bousquet

Michele Bousquet is the author of Physics for Animators. A longtime animator, teacher, and writer, Michele has written more than 20 books on computer graphics. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University.