“Physics for Animators offers a ton of good information for pretty much any kind of situation you can think of. The discussion of light/Color and gamma is extremely helpful as is information about character center of gravity. These are only a couple of topics in a book of almost encyclopedic coverage of all aspects of […]

Meet the authors

Michele Bousquet has been working in the field of computer animation since 1990, and has authored more than 25 books on computer graphics. She has taught at numerous institutions including Pratt University and several Art Institutes, and has won several awards for short-form animation. Michele has a degree in Computer Science from McGill University, which included a […]

Why physics for animators?

Animators need physics to make believable animation. This book is designed to meet that need. In my many years as an instructor, I have often been asked by artists to explain various physics concepts. While I could usually cobble together a short lesson that would teach them a few concepts, it became clear after a […]