Why physics for animators?

Animators need physics to make believable animation. This book is designed to meet that need.

In my many years as an instructor, I have often been asked by artists to explain various physics concepts. While I could usually cobble together a short lesson that would teach them a few concepts, it became clear after a while that a more comprehensive text on the subject was needed.

A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to put these concepts together into a cohesive text. This involved putting the laws of physics into a book that artists could understand and also apply to their work.

And that is how Physics for Animators came to be.

Post Author: Michele Bousquet

Michele Bousquet is the author of Physics for Animators. A longtime animator, teacher, and writer, Michele has written more than 20 books on computer graphics. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University.