“Physics for Animators offers a ton of good information for pretty much any kind of situation you can think of. The discussion of light/Color and gamma is extremely helpful as is information about character center of gravity. These are only a couple of topics in a book of almost encyclopedic coverage of all aspects of the physical world, written in an easy to understand style with lots of helpful background info about things that animators would find useful in their every day world of making things move in believable ways.”

“Wonderful book that covers a lot of ground! The section on forces and gravity is particularly thorough, for calculating keyframes for falling objects, slow-ins and slow-outs, jump cycles, thrown objects that wobble as they fly, fight scenes, etc. It’s still a pretty easy read anyway—the author has managed to explain some pretty complex subjects in simple language. I particularly liked the tips for helping one figure out why a scene looks wrong even when you can’t quite put your finger on it.”

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Post Author: Michele Bousquet

Michele Bousquet is the author of Physics for Animators. A longtime animator, teacher, and writer, Michele has written more than 20 books on computer graphics. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University.