In the writing of this book, I researched countless materials from high school and college physics texts to technical papers and journals. Below is a list of the materials where I found excellent insights that helped me work out the explanations in Physics for Animators. Enchanted Learning A great website with a lot of visual explanations of physics […]

Table of Contents

SECTION I: CLASSICAL PHYSICS Chapter 1: Matter and Masses Matter Masses Chapter 2: Motion and Timing Motion Lines and Paths Linear Motion Circular Motion Wave Motion Timing Chapter 3: Forces Components of Force Gravity Friction Pressure and Gases Torque Action/Reaction Electricity and Magnetism Chapter 4: Light and Color Light Basics Shadows Reflection Refraction Gamma Correction SECTION II: CHARACTER DESIGN AND ANIMATION […]


“Physics for Animators offers a ton of good information for pretty much any kind of situation you can think of. The discussion of light/Color and gamma is extremely helpful as is information about character center of gravity. These are only a couple of topics in a book of almost encyclopedic coverage of all aspects of […]

About the book

Physics for Animators is a book for artists to help them understand the physics they need for their work, in the language spoken by artists. If you’ve ever puzzled over how to animate movement in a way that jives with the real world, this book is for you. … Explore Table of Contents … About […]