reflections in animation: Vermeer painting The Music Lesson zoomed in on the mirror behind the piano

Mirror reflections in animation

Representing mirror reflections is a tricky business in all visual arts. Nowadays, we can use 3D software to calculate reflections. But before CG was available, any mirror reflections in animation, drawings, and paintings had to be figured out by the artist, and matching the subject with its reflection was solely the artist’s responsibility. We see […]

pi circumference circle square

Why you need pi in animation

When you were studying animation, you probably thought you had no need for math. But one thing you definitely need to know about is the value known as pi, and how you can use pi in animation. Why pi? For centuries, mathematicians were obsessed with the relationship between the diameter of a circle and its […]

Binary Space Partition Tree Nodes and Leaves

What is a BSP Tree? Demystifying the Rendering Process

Many 3D modeling and rendering programs utilize a Binary Space Partition tree (BSP tree) to make rendering go faster. Sometimes these programs will even have customizable settings for the BSP tree. But it’s hard to customize a BSP tree when you don’t know what it is! Let’s demystify the┬áBSP tree with a simple explanation, and […]